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  1. Is Homeopathy safe?

    Homeopathic medicines are considered to be non toxic because they contain minute amount of active substance and making them safe for people of all ages infants to old aged.  Even it is safe for pregnant woman.

    Even if you are taking convectional medicines for Blood Pressure , Diabetis or any other disorder you can still take the Homeoapthic Medicines. There will not be any side effects of homeopathic remedy but let your Homeopath have the knowledge of the convectional medicines you are taking.



  2. Does Homeopathy take long time to act?

    Actually Homeopathic medicines are quick in action and the action remains for a longer time. If the disease is chronic and patient is suffering from many years then it takes more time to get cured. But if patient  takes homeopathic medicine immediately after the onset of complaints then the action is much faster.

  3. Can Diabetic patients take homeopathic medicines?

    Yes sure diabetic patients can take homeopathic medicines  as they are prepared in very negligible amount of sugar.

  4. Can I use local ointments with homeopathy medicines?

    No, it  is strictly avoided . Especially the ointments containing steroids as they cause severe suppression of symptoms and it becomes difficult for a homeopath to prescribe proper remedy. But Homeopathic ointments like Arnica or Calendula can be used for local injuries after consulting your Homeopath.

  5. What is the procedure for homeopathic consultation?

    Initially a homeopath need to take your precise and detail history of your complaints and you as a whole person inorder to prescribe a proper and correct remedy. Once the remedy is indicated you are asked for followup within a week or 15 days.  In follow up you need to tell how you feel about your main complaint and other associated complaint. You need to also mention about your overall health including mental feelings. This helps a homeopath  for next prescription that is to change the remedy or continue with the same .

  6. Are there any food restrictions in Homeopathy?

    Yes there are some restrictions. Avoid eating or driking 30 mins before or after Homeopathic medicines. Avoid menthol, coffee, camphor, raw garlic, lemon during the treatment as they can antidote the effect of medicine or act as an obstacle in cure.

  7. Does one have to stop other medicines which he has been taking?

    No,the patient should not stop the medicines but gradually it can be tappered off once the patient start improving. But patient must consult the treating homeopath regarding the continuation of other medicines.

  8. How to make a payment?

    All payments are made by using PAYPAL or by checks only. No credit Cards  or cash  are accepted.

  9. What are the fees for consultation?

    The first consultation will be free for all the patients but the followup charges will be applied.

    The fees for followup and medicines are minimal and very affordable. It may vary from country to country.

    The charges will be applied as Follow up and medicines.Once you contact me the detail fee structure will be emailed to you on your provided email Id.

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