Health and Homeopathy

Basics of Homeopathy

 This course gives you a comprehensive explaination about the Homeopathic system of medicine. This self study course provides the in-depth understanding of the Homeopathic principles, philosophy of Homeopathy, action of Homeopathic remedies and the effectiveness of remedies. This course is meant for the lay-people, nurses, conventional medicine practitioners, beginners, students, and anyone who wants to know in depth about Homeopathy. 


At the end of the course, participants will learn and understand the broader aspect of Homeopathy, will understand how Homeopathy works, and how the remedy acts. 


Course Content

UNIT 1 : Introduction

  • What is Homeopathy?

  • History and Founder of Homeopathy

  • Principles of Homeopathy

UNIT 2: Remedies

  • Source of Remedies

  • Safety and efficacy of Homeopathic remedies

  • Limitation of Homeopathy

UNIT 3: Treatable Complaints

  • Common treatable complaints

  • Suitable ages

  • Myths and Facts of Homeopathy




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