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The first or initial consultation usually lasts for one hour and half for chronic cases which includes a detail understanding of you as a whole person. How you express illness and health, respond to the environment, and generally experience life is very important from a homeopathic perspective. Homepaths usually consider your and your family's medical and emotional history in determining your constitutional susceptibilities and sensitivities. As you might imagine, this kind of indepth interview takes a fair amount of time. The patient can discuss all medical, physical or emtional problems during this consultation. The medical reports can be shown to me via email. The remedy will be prescribed based on this consultation.  In order to begin the consultation, you need to fill up the small questionnaire which will be emailed to you or can fill up contact form and provide some description of your problem. 

New patients can schedule 15 minutes of FREE appointment with me over phone to find if the homeopathy is right for you. You can clear your doubts about homeopathy during this free call. 

At the 2 to 3 week point we have our first follow up appointment to evaluate the action of the remedy. I will be available for questions and clarifications before the follow up if needed. Follow up appointments are approximately 30 to 45 minutes long and are scheduled bi-weekly or monthly depending on the requirement, reducing in frequency as you become healthier. 

Based on the initial consultation, remedy will be prescribed to you. You can choose the method of receiving the remedy during the first consultation. Either you can purchase the remedy from local homeopathy pharmacy or remedy will be shipped to you at your doorsteps. Shipping will take approximately 5-7 business days (within USA and Canada) while international shipping may take 2-3 weeks. 

All patients will be consulted via phone, Skype, Google voice and email. Face-face consultation is required for first consultation, follow up can be done over phone or email. 


1) Click on Contact Me,fill up the form, describe your complaint and submit it.

2) I will send an online questionnaire which will help me to analyze and evaluate your case and find the correct remedy.

3) Select a day and time for appointment 2 days after you submit the form using Appointments link on the right.

4) Online interview will be conducted on the scheduled day using Skype messenger and further details can be discussed at that time in regards to the medicines and the cost.

5) Free diet counseling for patients seeking medicines for weight management.

6) Online consultation is provided at minimal and affordable rates.

7) All Payments are made using PAYPAL or by checks only. Credit Cards are not acceptable at this time.




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